Posing for Poise

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Cats Prof Pic Aug 16 2014 (1)


Cats Prof Pic Aug 16 2014 (2)

Cats Prof Pic Aug 16 2014 (3)


So Poise  was pushing me around and made me stand on a pose ball and here is the result: new profile pictures 😉 Also a good time to -maybe- start blogging again.. I like these s lot so I’ll blog them 😀


Room with a view

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Room with a view_001


I moved again. My own land for over L$1600 a week is just not for me. I’m not often enough in SL to fully enjoy it, so I rented a skybox from the same person I rented my land from. And now I have a place to rezz, get dressed and I have a nice view. I even have 100 prims to use for my own decorations, which is more then enough.


From my invent 1

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Yes I admit, the putting the 1 behind the title might indicate there will also a number 2. Maybe, I’m not sure yet, but IF i decide to do a series, I numbered this one just in case 🙂 So what is the idea? Randomly show pictures form things i found in my invent. I’m cleaning it out, and I mean really cleaning it out: stuff that’s old or scary (glitter stiletto’s, see my Facebook) I delete, My aim is to get below 10K. I’m a little over 13K now. I even throw away boots. Yes boots! No worries I’m not insane, these are boots from 2008 and 2009, you know.. those that got stuck on your ass..

So, what did I found which was blog worthy? Look for yourself:

Be the locket front_001

It is a photo-prop. Take a picture and get the locket for free 🙂 Here is how it looks from the side:

Be the locket side_001

As you can see it has a blue pose ball too, You can adjust them the old way: edit, unluck the prims and move them around.  I found it rather a neat thing, so it stays. I think I got it from a hunt a few years ago. No idea which or when though.

Cats sept 2013

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A new tail..

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Look at what I have.. 🙂 When I saw this tail I knew I had to have it. So after an inspect I found out the creator was Lokii Violet from :{MV}:  I TPed to the store, walked around twice and did not see it. Looked for it at Marketplace and again no luck, so when I sent an IM to Lokii to ask if she could point me in the right direction, she was so very kind. She did not have the SLurl either so she went to her store to set up the vendor. Now that’s what I call customer service 🙂

No biting!

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It’s bad for your teeth 😀




Once upon a time there was..

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Demonic, friends

one big bad wolf who had to deal with three little red ridinghoods…

From left to right: Botl Diabolito,Cats Kornfeld,  Anaïs Christenson and Izabella Winterwolf

Picture taken bij Iza. Thnx for an awesome event at Demonic Nightclub you guys and B: you are the cutest Big bad Wolf I ever met 😛