>Happy Rezzday Cats…

Posted: April 21, 2009 in personal, rezzday


Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22nd is my Rezzday. 1 year in SL.. and look at me šŸ™‚

My noob look

New hair, skin and I discovered BareRose, still one of my fav. shops

My first attempt to make a nice profile picture.. damn I look serious.

White hair.. also not bad

My punk camping days..

On being Neko.. I like this look

Hot in Red.

And this is my usual look..

But then again, I easily change hair as I change boots.. and you’ve only seen a few of them so far. šŸ™‚ I have honestly have no idea wether I have more hair or more boots.. but I think the amount is not far apart.

My best friend Ella (Ellari) Burner is organizing a party for me at my place tomorrow. Ryun Dezno is going to DJ for us and if you want to come over and are not yet invited.. IM me or Ella. We TP you over. It starts around noon SLT.


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