>RezzDay Party

Posted: April 24, 2009 in friends, rezzday


Here are some pictures from my awsome Rezzday Party:

The courage drink be4 the guests arrive

The hideously dancefloor turns out to be awsome when put under water.

Dance, dance dance on the awsome tunes Ryun spun for us

Ella made me blow out the candles…

I did a great “Blow Job” *LOL*

I had a great time.

Thank you Hugh, Lana, Mayala, Metal, Eyekon, Kiki & Erika For making this a great party. Special thanks to my “Lekker Ding” Ryun for DJ-ing for me.

But this all would not be possible without the organisation, making the awsome invites, and the shank-you note, the decorations, cake, champagne and whiskey. All done by my best friend, my babe, my love scene #2 partner Ella. Thank you so much for twisting my arm and let you do this babe.

I love you to pieces 🙂

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