>Strike a pose…

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Alvena

>Just when I was about to log and get some RL things done, Alveena IMed me, telling me she bought a fatpack of skins. She also told me how much L$$ she spent, but I’m not telling :).

So I told her to TP me and show me, when she was just about to do so. She invited me on her land and the skin she showed was awsome.

But then she showed me her foto studio and told me I could use it. ANYTIME! Whenever I wanted to, whether she was IW or not… So I tried it out and look at me! 🙂

After that she TP-ed me to her ‘secret room’ and there too are nice scene’s with poses.

I truly liked this one:

So.. Cats has a new addiction: taking pictures in a photo studio. Maybe I will start learning to use my Photoshop Elements 7.0 too now 🙂

But now I really need to get my RLstuff done 🙂

  1. >They look awesome :)Oh only problem with your blog is that all ateh links are in some wierd ninja lanaguage :p

  2. Cats says:

    >@Tempest: learn the Ninja-language then.. 😛

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