Posted: August 22, 2009 in Alvena, Cats, skins

>After days of not being able to TP I tried again this morning. Tried different viewers, and still no luck. Then I decided to change, cozz 4 days in the same clothes is no fun either.

After what inventory cleaning I suddenly realized I had to pay my tier. So I tried to TP once more and – O mircle! – it worked. So I payed my tier and then I tried to TP to [rQ], because I read there was a new skin, called Lust. And o.O. That worked too.

I payed L$4950,– for the fat pack, with 7 make-ups. every makeup contains lota of variations: with hair base, without, both with dark and light brows, and without a hairbase, also with dark and light brows and with or without a tattoo, still a little red.

Here is the one with the great face tattoo/makeup around the eys:

Isn’t it georgious??
BTW: have a look at Alvena’s blog. She made some awsome pictures from me too this morning. 🙂
  1. Mayala Loon says:

    >That's a cool one, Cats ;-)But why do you look so serious … *grins*and girl … you're a hardcore shopper … ;-P*hugs*

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