>Morgan & Jigzz weddingparty

Posted: August 30, 2009 in Alvena, friends

>Morgan Pookes and Jiggz Hazelnut got married last week, but due to circumstances most of the wedding guests (including me) were not able to come, so Sully Birkenfeld decided to throw them a surprise party. And a party it was, and a surprise it was.

Here is the guestlist:
Alex Glass
Alvena Weezles
Ariella Astonia (who was DJing)
Boost Mighty
Cats Kornfeld
Devan Michalski
Foxyfire Selfridge
Joppem Tulip
Lana Valeeva
Leetah Mackay
Lizbeth Divine
Ruby Darkes
Shadowlight Swords
Spider1959 Weatherwax
Stellie Hazelnut
Sully Birkenfeld
Veronica Hartford

I took some snapshots:



It was a great party, I had to leave before it ended, but I did have fun, even in my formal gown Alvena forced me to wear 🙂


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