Posted: March 11, 2010 in Alvena, Cats World, moving

>Well as you might have noticed: I haven’t been around that much lately. And as far as I’m concerned I won’t be either, because my RL is busy and good at the moment. I have a BF for 4 months now and we only see each other in the weekends and holidays.

So I decided to reduce my land in order to save money, but then Alvena told me I could set up my house on her land, while she was living in a skybox. So last Monday I went packing up my stuff.

This has been my land for over a year. Early January 2009 I moved in her, well a part of this. I started with   4096 sqm with 937 prims. I ended with 6144 sqm and 14-hundred-something prims.

My lighthouse and my old boots that was the invitation for my first rezz-day Ellari made for me.

The ghost that lived in the tower. Yes I took it too.

Here I am sitting on the top, one more time.

I had a great year living here, but I’m glad I moved in with Alvena. I still have a place i can call home but I wont have to pay L$2200 per week anymore.

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