The before and the after….

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Lynx

Before my beloved rushed off with lots of LindenDollars, I made him pose for the “before” picture.

 Really hunni, this is just soo 2009! I’m not even going to mention what he is wering here.. it all goes into the trashcan.

See? Much much MUCH better. Next time I go look for some better eyes and maybe some wrist juwelery and/or necklaces and make him buy some.

Shape: [Identity studios] Rex
Skin: Bellaza – Ewan tan 4
Eyes: K&L Neko reflective Eyes (Grey) (No LM available, creator is LoLeSk Ulich)
Hair: Jin-Hair 02

Shirt: Akito – Polo/Shirt with belt (Black)
Pants: Immerschoen Jeans *JP* #2 (Black)
Boots: Jeepers: Trashville Black Harness

Pose: !Bang

SLurls on the left hand side

Here we are: both happy 🙂

  1. Tigo says:

    (rolls eyes at stubborn kittie) too bad you’re using a shape thats not made for that skin 😛 Unless it’s a subtile hint and you want me to make a shape for the skin he is wearing? Just say soooo!!!!

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