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Posted: June 24, 2011 in Alvena, KittyCats

I have KittyCats. Alvie made me adopt hers so she could have meeroos. Dont blame me.

This is Bart & Ursula, they are a breeding couple. I have 2 more called George and Georgina, gawd I need to rename them 🙂

PS I plan to get back on the colour wagon soon. RL happened but I managed to organize it a bit better again 😀


No more Miss Midget???

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Alvena, Cats, midgets, Tigo

As most of my friends know I’ve been a midget for all my Second life; which is 3 years next Friday.  My height was around 29, lately 39 but never ever over 40. When Tigo started making shapes I was in awe about the great quality of them. Very good looking men and not at all deformed like some guys I’ve seen with wide shoulders and no waist. Having upper legs with more flesh on them, than there is around the waist (seriously, I have seen those avi’s, not making it up.) Totally fugly! And no, I wil not give you a name here. Ask me in world if you really that curious. 😀

Anyways. Earlier this week Alvie asks me via IM if I’m too busy to accept something. I replied unless it was kitties, I could. So she gave me Calypso & Arachne. After my shift at Demonic I TP’ed over to try them on, got the demo skins that were in the style card and totally fell for Calypso. To make a long story short.. here is the new Cats (who’s height is now 67):

Shape:Identity studio’s – Calypso
Skin: Curio – Pout dark
Hairbase: Amacci hairbase tattoo jet black
Hair: Truth –   Makenzie – Crow
Eyes:  Tuli – luminous blue
Tattoo: Paradesign – Celtic warrior light

Top: Paradises – Calor Black
Skirt: [JP] dsg – Jeans skirt green
Stockings: League – side gartered stockings = Floral, black garter
Boots: Shiny Things – Ving boots black

Necklace: grasp – fleur de lis
Bracelets:  Mandala – Sinra bracelet set Samurai Black


Posted: January 23, 2011 in 365/365, Alvena


I have new pictures! Thank you soo much Alvena ❤


Pictures are made by the incredible creative Miss Alvena Weezles
I’ll write the credits as soon as I find the time for it. For now just a huge thank you to my best friend in both worlds. Thanks Alvie, I lubs you!
I should have noted the credits immediately, I know. Anyways.. skin, eyes and tattoo are pretty much the same as the Green picture so here are the credits for:
Hair: Sky Everett Disigns Lady Amitiel – silver
Dress: Klaxie style : Silver dress (no LM available)
Shoes: VDI Vanity designs Silver stilettos


Posted: October 6, 2010 in 365/365, Alvena, Cats World


This is how it was on my new latest Cats’ World:
And then I bought a new house and now it looks like this:
Not bad huh?
Here I’m blogging in my new house. I want this in RL too!
I will be blogging pictures from the interior as well, because my bff and the craziest woman in the whole world gave me 2 MudHoney designs vouchers to go shopping.. And boy did I shop 🙂 Thnx Alve xXx


Posted: October 5, 2010 in 365/365, Alvena, Tigo


Tigo & Alve took me on a tandem ride over their land this morning.. 
It was awesome and we had sooooo much fun.. 


Posted: August 28, 2010 in 365/365, Alvena, Music Stage, Tigo


Alve and me were cheering at Tigo while he was rebuilding The Music Stage on its new sim
Shortly after this snapshot, he kicked us off, telling us this was not a chair and then he planted his own ass on it.. Men! /me rolls eyes.
Anyways, the good news is that MS is being rebuild and we can party again soon, no annoying wannabe-zens with glowing pants on dancing poles or fugly lag creating vendors nextdoor.. No. Just party like the party goddess has meant it to be 🙂