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A new home

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Cats World, moving

The reason I left my land about 6 or 7 months ago was all about RL money.. or the lack of it. Well the good news is I’m starting  a – very good paying – job as from may 16th. So Im a very happy Cats again, although I might have less time to play in SL. Still, I will be IW as much as possible.

Because of the improvement of my RL finances I will be able to rent my own land again. I was planning on waiting a week or 2 before I would really make the move, but some @#$%#@!-child avi made my decision of leaving my little rented house a bit faster then planned. I seriously hate child avi’s, and no worries, I filed a AR and informed the sim-owners. Anayways. On with the good news. I have found myself a nice plot of land again and I felt like shopping for a new home. After spending the whole afternoon hopping from sim to sim, checking out houses my Beloved found on the marketplace website I was lost in the land of houses.

And then I found it: a houseboat, called “The Amsterdam”. I could not resist, so I bought it and now its floating happily next to my beach. The houseboat is made by the very talented Froukje Hoorenbeek and its awesome. To top things of, I saw it has French Lily wallpaper, which happens to be my favorite design, I even have one tattooed on my shoulder IRL.

Ok Enough with the words, here are some pictures of my decorationwork today:

Next on the list is to landscape and decorate the outside. But that has to wait, its 11:25 PM here in Amsterdam. Time to login my RL and get some sleep.




Posted: October 6, 2010 in 365/365, Alvena, Cats World


This is how it was on my new latest Cats’ World:
And then I bought a new house and now it looks like this:
Not bad huh?
Here I’m blogging in my new house. I want this in RL too!
I will be blogging pictures from the interior as well, because my bff and the craziest woman in the whole world gave me 2 MudHoney designs vouchers to go shopping.. And boy did I shop 🙂 Thnx Alve xXx


Posted: September 22, 2010 in 365/365, Cats World, moving


Today I got myself a new corner plot. Same size – more prims:
And I’ve been landscaping and moving the rest of the day & evening:
And after long and hard work, I decided to read a book:

>Librarian’s curse:

Posted: April 7, 2010 in Alvena, Cats World, Tigo


Thank you Tigo & Alvena 🙂

>I’m still on the same sim, but Bravo moved out and so there was this post stamp sized piece of land with 400 prims vacant. I took it and rummaged through my inventory, to look up my Little Denmark tree house, and fell in love with it all over again. 

On the land my tree house, the water fall and my hammock with my laundry. Under the tree a couch and the librarians curse Alve & Tigo bought me.

I also got myself some new furniture and a spinning wheel.

This is inside. I want some new pictures for on my wall. Note to self: “Tell Alve to make me some new pictures” 🙂 and maybe find a carpet.

And yes: I AM knitting here. I do it in RL too and love it. So naturally when I saw this chair with knitting animation in it, I could not resist 🙂
TC and CUzoen


Posted: March 11, 2010 in Alvena, Cats World, moving

>Well as you might have noticed: I haven’t been around that much lately. And as far as I’m concerned I won’t be either, because my RL is busy and good at the moment. I have a BF for 4 months now and we only see each other in the weekends and holidays.

So I decided to reduce my land in order to save money, but then Alvena told me I could set up my house on her land, while she was living in a skybox. So last Monday I went packing up my stuff.

This has been my land for over a year. Early January 2009 I moved in her, well a part of this. I started with   4096 sqm with 937 prims. I ended with 6144 sqm and 14-hundred-something prims.

My lighthouse and my old boots that was the invitation for my first rezz-day Ellari made for me.

The ghost that lived in the tower. Yes I took it too.

Here I am sitting on the top, one more time.

I had a great year living here, but I’m glad I moved in with Alvena. I still have a place i can call home but I wont have to pay L$2200 per week anymore.

>Dreaming my dreams…

Posted: June 15, 2009 in Cats World


While I was hunting the Second Life Discovery Hunt I TP-ed in this place that kept me there for almost an hour. I found the item to be found pretty quickly, but OMg what an awsome place.
When you can, go have a look at the Shabby Sheek Shed Co. at Etheria. Lots a very nice and very awsome sheds and green houses.

When I saw this green house I knew I wanted it. So I came back several times and today I bought one. This one:

I also made my first build: – not counting the rock I made once – a potting table. I quit like it, for a first it’s not that bad 🙂
So after remodeling my land, preparing the soil I sat on my deck and started dreaming about lots and lots of plants.
I guess this is a nice view while dreaming my dreams 🙂