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No more Miss Midget???

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Alvena, Cats, midgets, Tigo

As most of my friends know I’ve been a midget for all my Second life; which is 3 years next Friday.  My height was around 29, lately 39 but never ever over 40. When Tigo started making shapes I was in awe about the great quality of them. Very good looking men and not at all deformed like some guys I’ve seen with wide shoulders and no waist. Having upper legs with more flesh on them, than there is around the waist (seriously, I have seen those avi’s, not making it up.) Totally fugly! And no, I wil not give you a name here. Ask me in world if you really that curious. 😀

Anyways. Earlier this week Alvie asks me via IM if I’m too busy to accept something. I replied unless it was kitties, I could. So she gave me Calypso & Arachne. After my shift at Demonic I TP’ed over to try them on, got the demo skins that were in the style card and totally fell for Calypso. To make a long story short.. here is the new Cats (who’s height is now 67):

Shape:Identity studio’s – Calypso
Skin: Curio – Pout dark
Hairbase: Amacci hairbase tattoo jet black
Hair: Truth –   Makenzie – Crow
Eyes:  Tuli – luminous blue
Tattoo: Paradesign – Celtic warrior light

Top: Paradises – Calor Black
Skirt: [JP] dsg – Jeans skirt green
Stockings: League – side gartered stockings = Floral, black garter
Boots: Shiny Things – Ving boots black

Necklace: grasp – fleur de lis
Bracelets:  Mandala – Sinra bracelet set Samurai Black



Posted: July 13, 2010 in 365/365, midgets


Do you think these come with something to stand on for the midgets.. or is it only the giants who needs to be captivated? 🙂
When I first came into SL I had a RL friend who showed me everything and learned me a lot. I do owe her for that. * start reading in a Ya-di-ya-di-ya tone* Then I got a SL-BF and her “jokes” weren’t funny anymore and she violated our privacy arrangements and agreements like they were not meant for her, “because she was my friend, right?” Wrong! So I banned her from my land, and soon after that I moved out of her SL. I banned the BF from my SL too, but that’s another story. :)* end of Ya-di-ya-di-ya..* 
Anyways. one thing she did tell me that in SL all avi’s are 7′ or taller. I went like WTF?? I refused to make my avi a “giant” as I called them and stayed as close as possible to my real 5’4. Cats is 5’6 I think. In edit appearance, the slider for body height is on 21. My friends know I’m the midget and there is nothing wrong with that. 
*** pokes everybody who starts saying that there is a lot wrong with being a midget, and STFU Tigo, don’t even think about it… :P*** 
I did make my avi taller once, during an event in Sanctuary Rock, about a year ago. Trust me, that was scary. It is just not me, just like it is not me when I take off my tail and ears.

So I will stay my midgety self, and if necessary, I’ll wear high heals.

The captivation thingy on the picture is in the Death Row Designs  sim.. and I forgot the get the Slurl.. 😛

>Midget time

Posted: September 21, 2009 in friends, midgets


Look what I found on my computer:

Left to right: Contessa Benford, Remi Lycheborne, Cats Kornfeld, Drake Czervik, Pussywillow Magic & Noodle Xi

The picture I thought lost, Drake and Noodle being midgets.. The skeery midgets 🙂 It was on my computer after all.