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I’ll explain later :D

Posted: July 2, 2011 in personal


That’s better

Posted: March 3, 2011 in moving, personal

after fighting Blogger, cursing it and almost throwing my pc out the window out of sheer frustration, I decided to move to

I’m adding links of shops as I go to satisfy the lazy blogger in me. Now when I post a fashion or color blog all I have to do is write the name of the shop and forget about the SLurl, because that’s already on the left.

… Unless I find a new shop.. 😀

Well I like it and I hope you – those very few readers I have – too

>Happy Rezzday Cats…

Posted: April 21, 2009 in personal, rezzday


Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22nd is my Rezzday. 1 year in SL.. and look at me 🙂

My noob look

New hair, skin and I discovered BareRose, still one of my fav. shops

My first attempt to make a nice profile picture.. damn I look serious.

White hair.. also not bad

My punk camping days..

On being Neko.. I like this look

Hot in Red.

And this is my usual look..

But then again, I easily change hair as I change boots.. and you’ve only seen a few of them so far. 🙂 I have honestly have no idea wether I have more hair or more boots.. but I think the amount is not far apart.

My best friend Ella (Ellari) Burner is organizing a party for me at my place tomorrow. Ryun Dezno is going to DJ for us and if you want to come over and are not yet invited.. IM me or Ella. We TP you over. It starts around noon SLT.

>Boots.. yes I admit.. I am addicted.

Oh and yes, these are truely a few.. I have more… lots more
/me grins

>Being single again..

Posted: March 25, 2009 in personal


Today I broke up my partnership with Timo. 

I did love him, but his RL and my RL just don’t get into sync. And when I have a partner in SL, I need us to be together in SL… why else should you partner in SL right?

If RL does not allow that then its better to not have a partner in SL, no matter how much love there is, to love someone, you have to be with someone.

And as all my friends know, RL always comes first.. no matter what.

Goodbye my love, you could always have a little place in my heart.
At least you did.. until you turned against me… Isn’t it funny that the people who say they have no tolerance on drama, turn out to be the biggest drama queens of SL???


Well have fun in your second life my love, I know I will… Lots of fun, to the moon and back. X)

>Cats’ World

Posted: March 14, 2009 in Cats World, personal


So.. finally here they are:

On top of the lighthouse

Looking down

Total view

At the docks on the front (West side)

I have a squatter on my place and no its not Timo 🙂

Butterfly island: a little piece and quiet

Midnight at Cats’ World.

So, that’s it. 🙂
My pictures are also on my Flickr site.

>Update edition

Posted: March 12, 2009 in Linde, personal, work

>Ok, I know I promised pictures from my new island, and I will show them, but its a lot of work to get some decent ones and I also need to take some new ones. Eventually they will show up, but now I have some pose ball fun pictures.

My friend Linde helped me out with one of my dances I have on my island. We danced and had fun 🙂
Dancing ‘worship’

Also since Ray is no longer with me (he is lost in the SL here-after) I was looking for something to chill on, like a floating bed or something, on the water he used to live in. I did find some things but im not sure if I really like it. Linde helped me out again.

I did not buy either of the above floating thingies, haven’t made up my mind about it yet
After all the pose ball fun, we talked a while and were catching up. It was a great day spent with a great friend 🙂
More news:
I have finished the twisted hunt and I’m a ‘hunt-junkie’ now. I had so much fun, and its a great way of getting very high quality freebies. I have 100 gifts to unwrap and even so much stores to re-visit. 🙂
On the job-area:
I quit hosting @ Paradise Found for personal reasons.
Yesterday I made a promotion at CrusFX. I’m now the Assistent Host Manager. So far I like it very much, there is a lot to be done, since CrusFX will change to even-hour-events. But I like it a lot. And I’m still hosting my 4 shifts a week and making the dailey feeds.
And as far as Timo and I are concerned: our love grows stronger and stronger every day. I love that guy so much 🙂

Thats it for now, I keep you posted.