Now where did that big bad wolf go to?

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Cats


I missed it…

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Being the neko-midget. So I changed back 🙂

And maybe I’ll be blogging again soon too 😀 On a regular basis I mean.


Best friends fun :)

Posted: July 28, 2011 in June

I was hunting the Summer Season hunt and got destracted.. as usual. I saw this bench, found out it was from Thistle and well: TP there and bought it.. I told my best friend June to come over and pose with me 😀

No we did not fell into the water, but we came close 🙂

Week 37: #Lemon

Posted: July 23, 2011 in 52Weeks

I love lemons, yes i really do. To eat them, not to wear them.. But I found a lemony freebee on the marketplace 🙂

I am wearing the top of this – FREE – dress

Next week  will be Patriarch I did not even know this was a color. But its one of the purple families and I looooooove Purple 🙂

Week #31 Denim [catch up post]

Posted: July 15, 2011 in 52Weeks

Another catch up post for the 52 weeks.  Denim. I found an awesome Denim jacket at Coco I really liked.

Today is also bandana day. The last day of HairFair 2011, hence the no hair.

Jacket: Coco – denim jacket (empire blue)
Top: Sassy Kitty – Sassy Boob Tube (pink)
Rogue Bandana colourchange with and without hair, I have this for 2 years now, no idea where I got it.

Week #36 Celedon

Posted: July 11, 2011 in 52Weeks, friends

Such a difficult colour! But I found a mermaid outfit which suited the color nicely. Mayala Loon wanted to swim with me so we made a date and Maya found a spot. She is editing the film she made there and it will be on her blog soon enough. Meanwhile I have some pictures:

Mayala & Cats

Cats & Mayala

No harm was done to any turtle that happen to swim by….

Chatting and resting in the sunset.

The pictures were taken at Amanda Sea:  Undersea world Mermaid heaven. Underwater Bliss. And my own island somewhere in the SL-grid 🙂

Maya is wearing a mer-Outfit designed and made by herself (and is not for sale yet)
Cats is wearing a mer-Outfit from Mer Betta : Mer Betta Grenikos Green Patina
Hair is Hathor from Tekeli-li; Necklace is Raven from League

RT Designs by Gregg Toros

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Shops

One of my good friends and co-worker at Demonic is also a very talented designer. Last week I almost gave him a heart attack by showing up at his shop, unannounced. 😀 I wanted to see his stuff, and haven’t visited the store before, so I just TP-ed in. And boy does he make nice things. He says building relaxes him, well you can see  he is very relaxed when he designs his furnutue, but it stil has the wicked Gregg Toros Twist I like so much.

When I told him I liked a particular piece of art very much he stuffed it in my invent. Before I could say anything about it he told me to shup and enjoy it. Thats Gregg. I promised him a blogpost about his shop and the painting on my blog.

Look at how awesome it is:

It reminds me of an faceless elf, even though the ears are not pointy. I love it and it brightens up my house boat 100%. Thanks Gregg

TP to the shop and look for yourself.
<– LM